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Saturday, February 18, 2012

[VIDEO] Sadat X - "Fake Out"

Since his early days in one of rap's greatest group, Brand Nubian, Sadat X (p/k/a Derreck X) always stood out with his unique voice and personal lyrics mixed with some 5% knowledge. In 1996 he dropped his classic debut solo "Wild Cowboys", which made it known to the world that Doddy X had no problem holding down an entire project without his Nubian brethren. After a hiatus, save for a fat '99 EP, he returned in 2005 with "Experience & Education" which was followed by "Black October" a year later; two solid full-length releases. Since then he's proven to be one of most productive emcees in the industry, pretty much dropping an album each and every year; some incredible (like "Band New Being") and some rather mediocre ("Wild Cowboys II" and the two Will Helm produced joints "Generation X" and "No Features"). Absolutely nothing wrong with his lyrical and vocal parts but he sometimes picked pretty weak, uninspired beats on those.

Future projects include a collaboration with AG and DJ Jab as The Trinity (with instant classics like the Diamond laced "Time is Now" and the dope Roc Raida Tribute). No word on the project has been heard for quite some time now. But Sadat X keeps moving. The latest single is a hardrock banger titled "Fake Out" that pretty much appeared out of nowehere a couple of days ago. According to my man Jaz the song is produced by City Parks and it got that vintage New York boom bap sound with DJ Premier figurating heavily in the video and is also responsible for the cuts on  the track. The X-Man's flow on this is super sick here too so TURN IT UP!!


  1. Do your homework C7 :P

    City Parks produced this Sadat says that in the track.


  2. haha thanks homie, didn't pay attention to that. at least Preem's cutting on it :) either way, this song is DOPE!!