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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slum Village - "Tell Me What You Want"

J Dilla's close friend Wajeed continues to drop unreleased Dilla goodies for us heads to enjoy. This time it's a previously unreleased song by Slum Village called "Tell Me", although it's not the track that appeared with the same title on "Fantastic Vol. II". Very interesting as this seems to be one of the very first Slum Village songs recorded. Pretty damn dope shit too! Posted by Wajeed @ who added the following comments on the song:

"While some consider Dilla’s strong suit to be production, others look to his rhyming for inspiration. This early Slum Village track, “Tell Me What You Want” is a fine example of his ill penmanship. It was one of the first efforts as Baatin, T3 and Dilla came out of the Senepod crew name and became Slum Village. At the time Dilla didn’t even have a drum machine, so this beat was actually made using the “pause and record” tape method. It was never released."

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