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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Madlib Returns w. More Medicine

So you thought Volume #12 concluded The Medicine Show that The Beat Konducta has hit us with on a relatively regular basis? Well think again my friends because Madlib and Stones Throw got one more installment and a monstrous box set to go out with a bang with. "Medicine Show No. 13: Black Tape" continues where part 12, "Raw Medicine", left off - a continous 60 minutes mix of exclusive Madlib remixes featuring a host of "some of rap's finest, half-best, brilliant and borderline-retarded MC's". The album will be available from the usual suspects on February 28. Head over to Stones Throw for more info about the album, see the cover and more. You can check out the song "Rappcats" from the CD at the bottom of the page featuring verses from DOOM and Jadakiss.

As if a new remix tape from 'Lib wasn't enough, Stones Throw is finally releasing the complete "Medicine Show" series in a sweet box-set titled "The Brick" (see pic at the top) including all thirteen CDs with their respective booklets. To learn more about the box and the respective entires in the series, check out the MMS page @ Stones Throw; shipping is expected March 27, 2012. This box is great news for me as I was hoping all along they would release something like this when the series was finished since the only album I bought was the first one that featured Guilty Simpson. Let's just hope the price is reasonable, although I must admit I have my doubts.

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