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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Throwback - Group Home / "East NY Theory"

Everyone knows about Group Home's classic debut album with DJ Premier in "Living Proof" but there's quite a bit of material not available on that disc that's outstanding. Even though Lil' Dap and Melachi were hardly superior lyricists, they certainly had something that made their music authentic, raw and often great. A good example of the duo standing on their own legs without Gang Starr is the limited 12" single "East NY Theory", featuring the Brain Sick Mobb. The song was produced by Mix Master G-Flexx and released on his Tape Kingz imprint in 1997, and despite it's limited distribution even had a video made for it as you can see above. I don't have the instrumental but the mp3 below sounds great and is ripped in 320 kbps.

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