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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Being that KRS-One's last album under the Boogie Down Production's name in 1992, "Sex & Violence", still stands as my favorite Kris album of all time. Crazy agressive boom bap beats that need to be played loud enough to make the walls shake; with KRS-One embracing the full range of his immaculate rhyming skills. From some of the best diss tracks of all time in "Build & Destroy" (going at X-Clan), some of the most well-written attacks on organized religion (" "), straight up HARDCORE hip-hop ("Duck Down", "Ruff Ruff", "We in There",), crazy story telling ("13 & Good"). Including some of Kris' finest lyrics and performances of his entire career set over neckbreaking beats by the likes of Pal Joey, Kenny Parker, D-Square and the underrated Pal Joey, I know that old school hip-hop heads will think it's blasphemous of me to say that "Sex & Violence" is the illest KRS-One involved LP of all time, even surpassing my other many favorites like "Criminal Minded"and "Return Of The Boom Bap".

With that being said, and the established fact that I'm a huge sucker for alternative/demo versions of my favorite songs I just had to repost this terrific 12" rip from a limited UK pressing originally posted by SouthernHospitality's Rob Pursey, though I spotted it over @ UNKUT so props to both of them. This is a crazy treat for me, and one of the reason I got into this Lost Tapes thing first and foremost. This rare version, that I didn't even know existed, features an alternative mix of Pal Joey's album track as well as an additional verse featuring rhymes that would later appear on the fellow "Sex..." LP, "Build & Destroy". Be sure to not sleep on this if you're an old scchool KRS fan, one of the truly greatest emcees the hip-hop world has ever witnessed - up top you find the original album version (the video), while the Soundcloud link below is for the very rare "demo" (or alternative version). TURN IT UP!!

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  1. i echo your sentiments exactly on this one. thx for sharing this. Hella dope!!!