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Friday, October 4, 2013

ALC & DOMO'S "NO IDOLS" Gets Vinyl Release!

Just as Dilated Peoples' ALC produced "Right & Exact" started blasting through my speakers, I stumbled across the cool news that Alchemist and Domo Genesis' "No Idols" is given a limited vinyl run. The album was originally released exclusively as a free digital download, and was instantly acclaimed by listeners. ALC's production on these 11 tracks is definitely some of his finest more recent material. The numbers of time I've listened to this speaks volumes to that considering I don't like Domo Genesis at all. Luckily, Action Bronson pops up two times, Earl Sweatshirt has three verses and the joint with Freddie Gibbs and Prodigy is straight up unbelivable! The vinyl pressing is limited to 1000 hand numbered copies, is released by Alchemist, and includes all the music found on the original release. If you missed out on the Mp3 release of "No Idols" the first time, it's never too late as I've added the link below. Order the LP @ UGHH (US) or HHV (Europe).

01. "Prophecy"
02. "Fuck Everybody Else"
03. "All Alone"
04. "Elimination Chamber" (Ft. Action Bronson & Earl)
05. "Power Ballad" (Ft. Smoke DZA)
06. "Me & My Bitch"
07. "Till Thee Angels Come" (Ft. Prodigy & Freddie Gibbs)
08. "Daily News" (Ft. Action Bronson, Earl, Spaceghost & Purp)
09. "Gamebreaker" (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)
10. "The Feeling"
11. "No Idols" (Ft. Tyler The Creator)

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