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Monday, October 7, 2013

[EP] M.E.D. x MADLIB - "Classic: The Outtakes"

In 2011 Stones Throw alumi M.E.D. released his second official solo album, "Classic" on the label. Out of the fourteen tracks Madlib produced ten songs if I'm not mistaken, and as with any album there's some dopeness bound to end up on the cutting room floor. But there they doesn't make anyone much good now do they? M.E.D. and producer Madlib have wisely decided to throw the fans a tasty bone with all the completed tracks that in the end didn't make the final cut. And it's a lot of really tight music here too...
Many of the tracks have since been sold by Madlib to other artists; especially interesting is that a demo version of the beat for Guilty Simpson's Jay Dee tribute "Cali Hills" appears here as "Sleeper Bag". Other cuts have been given to Freddie Gibbs. M.E.D. and Madib has time and time again proven to be a Power duo and these 7 tracks doesn't exactly put a halt to that fact. On the micropone, Medaphoar are joined by the aforementioned Oh No, Aloe Blacc, Pok, Mellow D, and Steve Arrlington. I gotta say that I take this over that "Burgundy Whip" EP any day (although the last track cutts off rather abruptly)!

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