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Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Video] KILLAH PRIEST - "The P.W.O.W.R."

Killah Priest, The Iron Shiek from The Middle East, returned to the inner realms of the hip-hop landscape this April with his impeccable 2xCD album "The Psychic World Of Walter Reed". Despite limited distribution, the 41 track set is easily one of the best of the year; an album from a truly gifted lyricist and an extremely talented writer - with a great ear for beats nontheless. We already got videos for several tracks (including two of my favorties; "Ein Sof" and "The Document"), and now Priest unleashes a music video for the long CD2 intro (which is also the title track - "P.W.O.W.R.: The Tower"). Here Priest creates an hypnotic feeling by letting his thoughts loose in an almost stream-of-consciousness style over various ambient, often oriental, sounds, leaving any traditonal rhythm behind. Interestingly enough the song is a co-production between True Master and GZA/Genius so with these three maestros at work you can count on a quality product.

Unfortunately, "Psychic World of Walter Reed" is not yet available on vinyl (how dope would a 4xLP set of this masterwork be?) and the CD is only available through very limited distribiton. Still, it's a worthy addition to your collection by all means, and can be ordered from Used copies can be found at Amazon and if you just want to show your suppport, iTunes got it as well!

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