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Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Video] KOOL G RAP x NECRO - "Heart Attack"

At one point I was actually starting to doubt if The Godfather's project would actually ever come to fruition, with only that one posse cut "Men @ Work 2012" to show for it in more than a year of promises of the album. This is not a jab at the two emcees per se, but we all know that a lot of remarkable hip-hop albums gets announced and never come to fruition. However, now it's 100% official - The Godfathers album is called "Once Upon A Crime" and will be released through SRC in conjunction with Psycho+Logical on November 19. The first single just landed too, along with the artwork, and it's a hardboiled joint called "Heart Attack". This goes great with my "Giancana Story" revisit that's been getting a lot of good attention from you guys. Press play above and turn that volume UP!

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  1. I was not expecting this album to be that great, this first single knocked it out of the park!!