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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

R.I.P. Kleph Dollaz

The name Kleph Dollaz might not mean much to those who's not read linear notes, but he was without a doubt a talented cat who sadly never got the props he so rightfully deserved. Durrel Durand (a.k.a. Kleph Dollaz) left the physical due to a heartattack yesterday morning; local friends called the artist an integral part of Virginia's hip-hop scene. Outside of his hometown he hooked up with an M. Warren to form the duo Ill Biskits, releaing the classic 12" "God Bless Your Life" B/W "22 Years". The underground hype caught the attention of Atlantic Records who signed them for a one album deal; resulting in "Chronicle Of Two Losers", a dope and original hip.hop album featuring production by Bronx legends Buckwild, Lord Finesse and Mike Loe. Since it didn't sound anything like the shiny suit music provided by Pappa-Diddy-Pop and BIG around this time, the album was shelved after only a smaller amount of test pressings. Lucikily it has been reissued since 2007 thanks to Traffic Entertainment, so it's no longer a lost album... and at that, it's strongly recommened.

After the failure with Ill Biskits, Kleph Dollaz started producing for other artists, including amazing material for Boot Camp Clik, Rasco, Sean Price, Sadat X, Littles, M.O.P., Blahzay Blahzay and Tek. One things for sure, his sound will surely be missed and all condolences goes out to his family in this hard time. Rest in peace..


  1. His name is Durrel Durant not Daniel and yes he will be missed by all that new him and loved him. Walking through his house today and not being greeted with a hug at the door and hearing no music was bone chilling and seeing his bed how he left it monday was so unreal to me. Its still very surreal for many of us but he has an essential role to play that required his homegoing so i won't question Gods plan. We may not understand but in time God reveals all. Ill replay our last conversations because it was all encouraging and insightful because that's who he was a well rounded guy. Ill never forget our klubhouse sessions. We love and miss you dearly. Xoxoxoxo -"sis"

  2. I was Kleph's neighbor in the Bottom when Gaston wreaked havoc on the city. I was flying home from Boston when I heard that Richmond was flooded and I promise you that I didn't think one minute about my apartment and belongings....I could only think of Kleph's albums. Music was his life. RIP.

  3. thank you both for your respectful and enlighting comments.. i know what it's like to lose a really close friend when they are still relatively young, and the emptiness is horrible, but i strongly believe that we will meet our loved ones again on the other side.

    peace to you both and thanks for sharing your stories about Kleph Dollaz, an incredibly talented cat that i wish more knew about.