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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Broken Orchestra - "Take Back the Day"

In the center of The Broken Orchestra is producers Pat Dooner and Carl Conway-Davis, who specializes in an alternative laid-back/groove based music that defies labeling. Together with a gang of female singers, their debut album "Shibui" represents the best sessions from the two years the LP has been in the works, and elements from jazz, hip-hop, funk, ambient and soul can all be found on "Shibui" which will be available October 23. I already got a preview of the LP, and it is good material, although different from what I usually present here at The Lost Tapes, but I'm really digging a lot of the Phonosaurus Records releases. Check out the single "Take Back the Day" below for some chill, soulful and dusty music, featuring Inyang Bassey.

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