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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Showbiz & AG - "Every Time I Touch The Mic"

Wow, any new Showbiz & AG always make my day seem a little brighter. Especially since I bumped the shit out of both this summers prequel tapes to "Mugshot Music", which both were straight up incredible to me and had amazing replay value. If that's what they deemed not good enough for the actual album, then this LP should be the finest in a long time. Showbiz is still one of the deadliest producers out there, and AG just gets better with every passing year. What I guess is the first official single from "M.M." is titled "Everytime I Touch The Mic" and features OC and Frank V. D.I.T.C. just don't stop!


  1. Have you heard anything about the possibility of Preloaded Remixes being pressed up on vinyl, or does it look like that idea's been scrapped? Thanks for the post!

  2. yeah it looks like the idea was scrapped.. shame really. i wanted either "Preloaded" or "Preloaded Remixes" on wax sooo fucking bad.... i supported both on iTunes but it's far from the same. at least i pray and hope that the official "Mugshot Music" will be pressed up on LP.