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Thursday, February 27, 2014

[ALBUM] A-PLUS - "Think Tank"

I relalize this has been out for a week by now, and I can't remember why I didn't post it when Hiero sent me the mail but better late than never right, because this is some dope ish right here. A was pretty much always my favorite producer in the Hieroglyphics camp; a great recent example is when he produced "Tour Stories" for the Souls Of Mischief album as his sole credit and it came out the strongest joint off the project (of course I know Paul had a hand in all those songs even where he's name wasn't mentioend, but still). And being that I'm a sucker for instrumental albums, I dig that A's latest album "Think Tank" is completely stripped off vocals and 100% focused on the man behind the boards.

Over 13 tracks, A-Plus flexes his musical muscles with a wide array of different sounds and moods, yet firmly rooting the project in hip-hop with his immaculate drum programming and sample chopping. As you might know A-Plus is also a part of an experimental electronic duo with Agee named Molly's Dirty Water (check out their album "Oh Molly"), and while there are definitely both experimental and electronical touches splashed throughout the set, there's no doubt where the foundation lays. "Think Tank", not only sports a beautiful cover, but the music is of high quality. I strongly recommend listening to this LP as a unit to get the full intended musical experience to fully appreciate it. Another little tip is to listen to the music through a great set of hearphones when you have an hour over!

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