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Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've written it before here, but I'm a huge fan of Kev Brown's work as a producer; he is innovative and very often bring something new to table while still having a signature sound. As for Raw Poetic I haven't heard as much (I have the 3-track EP with K-DEF, and his two other apperances on different 'Def's LP:s), but the little I've heard tells me he's a slick emcee as long as he's got a dope producer backing him. So the news that Brown and Poetic is preparing a full-length release on Redef/Low Budget came as a very pleassant suprise, and is definitely something I will spend money on. The album is called "Concrete Maneuvers" and is scheduled for a release sometime this year. Today they dropped the first single, and although it's only about 1:30 in length (yes it's the full song), you can hear the chemistry there and I already rewinded it about 3-4 times. I could imagine this being the intro to the project but who knows... Stay tuned for future updates!

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