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Friday, February 7, 2014

DIRTY ART CLUB - "The Future"

Since I first heard Dirty Art Club, the experimental and highly impressive Stockholm producction team, with their 2012 "Hexes" EP I became an instant fan of the dreamy landscapes they  were able to create through their instrumental music. Their music is not for everyone; it has a hip-hop feel throughout but there's so many influences all over the place, and to me I absolutely loved it. When I found out that they were signed to my homie DJ K.O.'s label Elementality records I got even more hyped about them, and now the duo and the label have let loose of a brand new instrumental introspective journey in the form of the single "Tbe Future". A highly terrific record, not to be missed - be sure to check it out, and again TURN IT UP!!

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  1. Hey, Im looking for this track for ages now. This is now the only place where it is mentioned. You would be a hero if you could send it to me.