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Saturday, February 22, 2014

[Promo Tape] KAMAKAZEE - "Heads On"

Some releases that I get from some exclusive sources I definitely keep to myself without posting them here, but being that Screwball is one of my favorite groups of all time and the same goes for many of my close friends. Plus this is definitely The Lost Tapes material and I've been searching for this for eons so I feel I need to post it. But I gotta give credit where credit is due, this is by no means a promo rip of mine but something for the The T.R.O.Y. Blog which was ripped and uploaded by Skater4041 (link #1) and the second rip was forwared to me by my man Fritz, also from the T.RO.Y. community. So all thanks to those guys, I'm truly grateful to them because this is fantastic to finally hear!

In 1995 Kamakazee, a duo consisting of Screwball members KL (R.I.P.) and Kyron, worked hard with Marley Marl and to some extent the extended House Of Hits crew (Blackcat and K-Def did a track or two each I believe), and it definitely got that rugged, dirty New York golden era mid-'90s sound. The album was called "Heads On" and was supposed to be released on Reprise Records, but unfortunately the project got shelved, but not until at least one very rare promo tape of the LP had been sent out to some DJ:s and magazines for reviews and promotion. The tape features 12 cuts, it's hard to say if the final album would include more material but considering that it clocks in at 51 minutes I think this is the way it was supposed to be - possibly with some additional interludes, intros, outros, and such. This is a must listen to for KL, Kyron and Screwball heads and will be in my rotation for a long time, although I can see why the label wouldn't quite believe in it as it has no commercial potential whatsoever hehe... Again, so many thanks goes out to Skater4041 and the fam @ The TROY community (the picture up top is also borrowed from there post which is linked above). TURN IT UP!!

01. "Snakes In The Grass"
02. "Spread It Around"
03. "Da Rocks Y'all"
04. "Shakedown"
05. "Goodlife"
06. "Mo Muder, Mo' Crime"
07. "House O' Hitz Crew"
08. "Rhyme Crime Profession"
09. "Orgy Style"
10. "Devastating"
11. "Head On"
12. "Bridge '95"

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