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Friday, February 7, 2014

[Video] 5-ELA - "Don't Stop"

I mentioned many times over the course of the years that Detroit's musicc scene is to me the most interesting thing next to the NYC scene, and 5-Ela (short for 5 Elementz), released several dope musical projects through the mid- to- late early '90s, often produced at least in part by Jay Dee (see "The Album That Time to Forgot" for a good example). The trio consisted of Thud, Mudd, and the late, greatness that was Proof. When I listened a bit to D12 (I'd still recommend their official 2001 debut "Devil's Night") it was aways the voice and lyrics of Poof and Eminem that had me going. Proof wass such an underrated emcee, and I can imagine him being one of the biggest names on the underground scene today had it not been for his tragic passing. He's surely missed! 

Thud and Mudd keeps the 5 Ela name alive and have just recently started hitting the scene with new projects again, including a recent mixtape and a couple of 7" singles consisting of rare, previously unreleased material. One of their many strong releases the trio released at the heights of their quaitative years was 1996:s "Yesteryears EP". Completely produced by Dilla, it was another great example of the chemistry between the dope lyrical trio and Detroit's finest producer and received way too little attention than it deserved. Maybe that's the main reason for the group in shooting a video to the classic "Don't Stop" which you see above... TURN IT UP!!!

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