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Friday, February 7, 2014

SHABAAM SAHDEEQ - "Tranquillo" / Conceited Confidence"

With his mid-to-late '90s Rawkus work their young signee Shabaam Sahdeeq quickly became an artist to be looking for with through hs terrific wordplay, well thought out and often introspective lyrics appearing on various proects like "Soundbombing II" and several rather mindblowing 12" singles and EP:s. These early recordings ¨truly proved that Sahdeeq was a terrific emcee with an already huge potential that just kept on growing, all placed over production by the likes of Nick Wiz, DJ Spinna, Hi-Tek and The Alchemist to provide his vocals with a cinematc feel. However, when the emcee was dropped from his Rawkus deal, not only were the records he first recorded locked up at the label's publishing, but it seemed a lot of his contats with producers were a lot farther out of reach. The resulting "Never Say Never" droppped on Raptivism in 2001 and clearly didn't deliver on the promises made on Sha's early work. It had it's moments but all-in-all it was a dissapointment. (Trust me, I have been working on early Sahdeeq compilation for some time which should see the light of the day soon).

However, recent singles and collaborations points to Sahdeeq really getting ready to get back in business, just check out the two latest single releases from the New York spitter. The main single that just dropped is a video for the new Harry Fraud produced "Tranquillo" (out now on iTunes) while the other is called "Conceited Confidence", produced by Ran Reed! Both dope joints, and "Tranquillo" is the first track to emerge from Sahdeeq's April 22 album "Keepers of the Lost Art" which drop on Netherlands label Below System. TURN THAT FUCKERS UP!!

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