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Friday, February 7, 2014


Lost Tapes favorite MidaZ The Beast continues dropping one new, or previously unreleased, track each week in his "The New 52" series that he and his Doxside Music Group started during the first week of 2014. With each new week MidaZ have released one dope track and is intending to do so for the rest of the year. So far all of the music has been banging, hardly being throwaway records by any means - if you have missed out on any installment prior you can either click the New 52 tag at the bottom of this post or simply click the Doxside Bandcamp link here. For number #6 in the series MidaZ take it back to his early days when he used to create brand new tracks (as far as lyrics goes) over previously released classics from the likes of El Michaels Affair, DJ Muggs, and Pete Rock. Here he drops two intense verses of The RZA produced "Maria", a beautifully produced joint that I always held as one of my many favorites on "Wu-Tang Forever" when it dropped and still does.... As MidaZ goes in hard, don't be fooled that this is some quickly written freestyle, but real verses with a lot of thought put behind them. I'm about to itnerview MidaZ very soon, about his long career, with much focus on his "AU" and "New 52" projects. If you have any questions you want me to ask - please drop a comment in the section of this post.

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