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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I'm not gonna front like Prodigy's second full-length collaboration with Alchemist, "Albert Einsten", which ropped last year was a far cry from the excellent "Return Of The Mac". Just like as expected, considering ALC's back catalouge has increased even more in quality the last few years, so it's definitely a good listen to P can get very monotone and lyrically stagnant, which doesn't do the production justice at all. There are some good verses on there, and it's much better than the horrendous "H.N.I.C. Part III"

As promised the MC/DJ team released a digital four track EP that picked up rigfht where "Albhert Einstein" left. off as it's more. It's more of the same, and fans of the album will definitely go crazy over this, and it sure as hell features a lot of banging production from The Chemist and he does hacve a great chemistry with P. So be sure to grab this one out ASAP because there's definitely several gems here despite clocking in at only 11 minutes! That the EP is mixed by long time Pete Rock engineer(/associate Eddie Cheeba, doesn't, so head over to Amazon to cop for the price of $5.99. 

01. "Mightier Pen"
02. "Murder Goes Down"
03. "Inamous Allegiance"
04. "Gnarly"


  1. Album is not FREE!!! It is for sale on amazon and itunes. Take down now. You are reported

  2. thank you for that, don't you think it's a little silly that you report me right away just because i made a mistake... if you know this blog, you know I never, ever post rips of retail material (except official singles). i appologize for not checking it out properly, but i have now changed it to []Out Now] and link to Amazon while i have deleted the link