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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[DJ MIX] WICKED + LARGE PRO - "Professor Produced 1989-1999"

This is fucking amazing, my man Wicked is one hell of a militant vinylist and he does a real dope job with his two turntables and his amazing catalouge of dope '80s and '90s classic 12":s and albums. And what's dope in my opnion is that he play almost the entirety of each song, I should note that this way of DJ:ing is one of many ways I like when doing mixes, much depending on the DJ - sometimes i love Evil Dee or DJ Premier's mind-bending cutting up of the tracks they play, and especially how they bring the intro to first line back several times before they finally let the needle truly drop. "New York Reality Check 101" is by far one of my favorite official retail mixtapes.. And then you got the whole Tony Touch series, etc.

But that's a discussion for another day, instead it's all about WiCkEd and Large Professor, and man is it a wild ride, especially seeing how Large Professor is one of the only, fuck it very most likely the only, amongst my favorite producers (RZA, Diamond D, Jay Dee, DJ Premier, K-DEF, ALChemist, Da Beatminerz, Madlib, The Bomb Squad, Marley Marl, Buckwild, etc.) that ALWAYS are on point - meaning that from his start in 1989 to his recent tracks with N.O.R.E., Ill Bill, Public Enemy and Jeru The Damaja I could probably tops pick out five tracks from his catalouge that I'd call average. If you see "produced and/or remixed by The Large Professor", you know you're in for some hot as shit. And WiCkEd doesn't come lightly stripped of either wax or time, featuring 49 songs this baby clocks in at almost 4 hours and is a definite listen to Large Pro fantastics like myself, though I will probably do it over 2-4 days. Stream it above, for download you can do so @ The Soundcloud Page which also features the extensive tracklist, complete with information about guest artists, year, label and release. After reading that you just scroll down past it and there's two FileSwap links right there, and once there remember to pick the slow download. But definitely check it out, and TURN IT UP and last but definitely not least, many thanks and all props to Wicked for this wicked mix! Keep 'em coming homie!

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