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Sunday, February 2, 2014

[EP] DRAMA CLASS (Mr. Live / Earl Blaize) - "Conflicted"

Drama Class is the name of the duo consisting of emcee Mr. Live and DJ/producer Earl Blaize, both representatives of Brooklyn. In 2009 they dropped their first album together in the form of "Hip Hop Appreciation 101", a digital release containing 24 tracks. Now the team is back at it again with an 8 tracks deep EP entitled "Conflicted" which couples the unmistakable voice and sharp, often humorous lyrics of Mr. Live and Earl Blaize's cuts with production from 14KT, Oddisee, Dotmatic, Madlib (albeit a reused instrumental) and Blaize himself. Damn, this takes me back to 2001 when I had Mr. Len's excellent "Pity The Fool" and especially Live's solo cut "What The Fuck?!?" on constant repeat. Free stream and/or download @ DubMD Bandcamp. Bang your head to this y'all!

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