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Saturday, February 22, 2014

MidaZ The BEAST - "Change" [prod. Was Legit]

MidaZ wasn't joking when he said he was going HARD this year.. his latest free project, the weekly "New 52" series is now already at its 8th installment and so far all of the music has been bangers (well, what do you expect - it is MidaZ after all). Also look out for an exclusive Lost Tapes premier of a MidaZ joint that was left off the final tracklist of "AU" to hit the internet very soon! On "Change":

"Change was actually a song I was working on that was supposed to feature a verse from Grand Puba. My cousin was working with Puba on some stuff and the connect was made. Even the song never gained the Puba feature, I decided to tack another verse on it and finish it anyway. Recorded this some time during Obama's first term. Shouts to my man Ben Goraj on the art on this one. Represents what I was trying to say in the song beautifully" - MidaZ

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