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Saturday, February 8, 2014

[Video] MAESTRO FRESH WES - "Timeless"

'90s head will remember that ill spitter from Canada named Maestro Fresh Wes; in 1994 he released a sick album called "Naaah Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada" that featured apperances from Percee P and several Showbiz productions. In fact he even appeared on Diamond D's classic "Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop" on the posse track ´"Pass Dat Shit". I was pretty sure he had left the hip-hop game behind him considering that Wes haven't released a proper album since 2000 and has really no guest apperances to talk about since. However it turns out that the kid actually released a full-length LP in the summer of last year featuring the likes of Chuck D, Kardinal Offishal, Saukrates and Kool G Rap. The album is called "Orchestrated Noise" and features this knocking single "Timeless" with singer Divine Brown which you can see and hear above. "Orchestrated Noise" is available via iTunes now.

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