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Sunday, September 15, 2013

[Album] THE ROOTS + ELVIS COSTELLO - "Wise Up Ghost"

Wow, I really didn't expect to be able to hear a new album by The Roots tonight but between this and the new episode of "Breaking Bad" this night is looking a lot better. As has been known for quite some time, the entire The Roots band has been hard at work in the studio with legendary English singer Elvis Costello (I won't even try boxing this legend in a genre folder). The result is 12 original tracks (and three additional bonus cuts for the various deluxe editions) with ?uestlove, Kamal, Poyser, Kirk Douglas and company supplying their usual brand of greatness for Costello to do his thing on. As if that wasn't enough to ensure greatness, "Wise Up Ghost (And Other Songs)" is being released on Blue Note Records and for a jazz lover like myself that is always a positive sign. On a related note, it will be very interesting to see if Black Thought makes an apperance here or not... The LP is officially released tomorrow, but already now you can stream the entire thing for free, so why don't you join me in doing just that (I just started track #2 and so far, so good)? Order the CD @ Amazon or download @ iTunes.

01. "Walk Us Uptown"
02. "Sugar Don't Work"
03. "Refuse to be Saved"
04. "Wake Me Up"
05. "Tripwire"
06. "Stick Out Your Tounge"
07. "Come the Meantimes"
08. "She Might Be a Grenade"
09. "Cinco Minutos Con Vos"
10. "Viceroy's Row"
11. "Wise Up Ghost"
12. "If I Could Believe"
13-15. [*]Bonus Tracks[*]

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