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Saturday, September 14, 2013

[Throwback] FRANK-N-DANK - "All Seasons" [OG Mix]

As you might very well have figured, Jay Dee A.k:A. J Dilla, is one of them producers I just can't get enough. My collection carries every Yancey released album, and some 12":s , including both albums that he produced at least 85% percent on, as well as albums that the man produced at least a 1/3 of. Add to that an extensive digital library, and I love putting together compilations of the man's material. Frank-N-Dank's "48 HRS", recored in late 2002, entirely produced by Jay Dee, The album was semi-officially bootlegged in 2003, mastered and all, but no retail album was ever released... Until 2013 that is, when Delicious Vinyl finally released "48 Hours"  on wax, CD and digital.

As is well known, the album went through several transformations before it went ultimately shelved by MCA Records along with Dilla's "Pay Jay" LP. The original version focused heavily on samples, vintage Jay Dee style, and when this version wasn't to MCA's liking, the trio rerecorded the entire project, utilizing a heavily digitized sound, with little to no samples, keyboards and synths, and live drums alterating with heavy drum programming. Needless to say, both versions got shelved indefinitely, and when the 2013 vinyl reiusse came along it was the non - sample version that was presented.

Hopefully, one day the originally sample based recordigs will be fully mastered and released, especially since the concept of using unforgettable samples previously utilized in hip-hop classics but with a twist. Original samples included Mtume's "Juicy Fruit" (BIG's "Juicy"), Labi Siffre's "I Got the Blues" (Jay-Z's "Street is Watching +´Eminem's "My Name is)" and more. If you missed out on it before, make sure to check out one of my personal Lost Tapes compilation ("48 HRS" (c7 Revisit"). On there I premiered the original version of "All Seasons". taken from a House Shoes podcast. This is also the track that samples Labi Siffre´s song which you will mostly recognize from Jigga's Ski produce classic "Streets is Watching". So if you have yet to have heard that compilation I put together, this is a real treat, and I have lost time on how many times I have listened to it.

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