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Friday, September 13, 2013

[comp] MADLIB - "No Stones Thrown V.1"

Madlib borders between one of the absolute best producers out there, to releasing weird music with little to no replay value. I have been wanting to make a compilation of his extensive work among his doper outside productions, but haven't been able to post it since I know he's Stones Throw numer one flagship artist, however I made a large effort in not including any Stones Throw material (hence the title "No Stones Thrown V.1".

The thing I want to do is spread Madlib's music as much as possible, I personally buy pretty much everything he drops and this collection of B-sides and outside productions really give another, more unheard chapter in the Madlib saga... So I really hope Stones Throw will let this one ride as I haven''t used any ST material here, and if everything goes well except a part 2 soon if you're feeling this!

Featured here are incredible Madlib remixes and original productions spanning about 15 years, showcasing brilliant collaborations with the likes of Erykah Badu, Pharoahe Monch, Strong Arm Steady / Black Thought, DOOMSTARKS / Madvillayn, Prince Po, Vinnie  Paz, Mos Def, Zero 7 w. Yesterday's New Quintet, Dabrye/DOOM, Talib Kweli / Norah Jones, AG, Wildchild, Freddie Gibbs, Karriem Riggins, Jay-Z, and a host of instrumental Malib istrumetnals to ensure a real album feel. This is a really good compilation, and if ST doesn't fuck it up look for Volume 2 coming very soon (again with no material released on ST). Grab this as soon as possible if you want to hear it, it might not be here in two days but sicee there's ´no material from that label I can't really see why they wouldn't allow me to put it here - I only want to give a good rundown of what 'Lib can do as an producer for hire. TURN IT UP!!

01. Erykah Badu / Pharoahe Monch - "The Healer Remix"
02. Tha Alkaholiks / Lootpack / Declaime - "WLIX"
03. Strong Arm Steady / Black Thought - "Clean Up"
04. Madlib - "Intermission #1"
05. DOOMSTARKS - "Victory Lapyz" [Madvillain Remix]
06. Living Legends - "Blast Your Radio"
07. Wildchild / Masta Ace / Percee P / MC Lyte - "The League"
08. Madlib - "Intermission #2"
09. Jay-Z - "Threat" [Madlib Remix]
10. Vast Aire - "Look Mom No Hands"
11. Prince Po - "Mecheti Lightspeed"
12. Madlib - "Intermission #3"
13. AG - "Frozen"
14. Dabrye / Madvillain - "Air Remix"
15. Erykah Badu - "Inscence"
16. Madlib - "Intermission #4"
17. Mos Def - "Pretty Danger"
18. Zero 7 / Yesterday's New Quintet - "Distractions Remix"
19. Freddie Gibbs + Madlib / Karriem Riggins - "City"
20. Talib Kweli / Erykah Badu - "Soon The New Day"

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