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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Big Proof... Dilla Dawg... Two musical giants straight out of Motown that sadly never really released anything official. Despite that, they  did record a lot of material, and as you may now even recorded a demo in the early '90s under the name Funky Cowboys. So, this compilation goes out to the memories of MC Proof and Jay Dee, it don't get much better than this fellas... Funkier than a pair of cowboy boots steeped in shit - TURN IT UP!

Note - This is merely an effort to collect every collaboration every available song featuring Proof and Jay Dee together, including demo recordings and tracks with Proof's group 5-Ela which also features Mudd and Thyme. Many of the tracks are straight cassette rips and have been floating around the net for a while so don't expect too much from the quality, although it's definitely enjoyable. Thanks to all the original uploaders!

01. "Vibe Session (Part One)"
02. "Sun Flower" (w. 5-Ela)
03. "Searching"
04. "Ain't No Love" (w. 5-Ela)
05. "Lois Lane"
06. "Rockshows" (w. 5-Ela)
07. "Party Groove" (w. 5-Ela)
08. "E.G.O." (w. 5-Ela)
09. "The Fizzo" (w. T3)
10. "Keep It On The Low"
11. "Feedback" (w. 5-Ela)
12. "Whutwchuwant" (w. 5-Ela)
13. "Janet Jacme" (w. 5-Ela)
14. "Da Science"
15. "You Ain't Fresh"
16. "Life"

*Bonus Tracks*
17. "Scenario 2004" (w. 5-Ela, Slum Village & Frank-N-Dank)
18. "Bring it 2 Me" 


  1. Respect for these comps. I always enjoy them

  2. Is there another way to download this? Link doesn't work here..

  3. JOHN - Try the new mirror #1 - should work! Enjoy

  4. Thank you, i love ' Life ' and ' Searchin' ' but i'm sure i will enjoy all the tracks!

  5. Could you reupload on mediafire?