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Friday, September 13, 2013

BUSTA RHYMES + JAY DEE - "Genesis: Outtakes"

If you missed the incredible Busta Rhymes / J Dilla compilation here at The Lost Tapes a couple of years back ("Turn It Up!!"), you missed out on the premier of the still unreleased Jay Dee produced Busta joint "Keep It Poppin'". A true classic Busta/Dilla collaboration filled with JD's impeccable drum programmig, an addictive and agressive electric guitar sample, and a pounding bass line that is another great proof of how fantastic Dilla and Busta sounded through their 20 some collaborations.

"Keep It Poppin'" has never, ever been released beside a rare House Shoes digital radio show, playing the full track. It's a track from 2001, and is one of half of the tracks that Busta Rhymes originally recorded for Busta's very dope "Genesis" album. In an interview prior to the release of the album, Dilla said that he were gonna have eight songs on the album, but once when the retail LP hit stores, only two Jay Dee tracks were left - and two fantastic contributions at that with the laid back title track and the crash your whip banger "What Up"!  While four of those eight songs are still under wraps (I think, one or two might be available at "Dillagence" but that's kind of hard to corraborate), with this rip of "Keep It Poppin'" and the "Dillagence" track "How We Roll" (where Busta shouts out the year 2001, as well as reusing a beat that Jay Dee released on one of the "Vintage" series under the title "Busta"). 

Both of these tracks, together with the two joints that made the album, would easily benefit from replacing two of the lesser tracks found on "Genesis" which I find overbloated at times. And if the other four Dilla productions were in the same vein, and they had kept i this could very  well mean this would be one of the best Busta albums in a long time (and I'm a fan of "Genesis" at that). So if you haven't heard this year, get preapred for some real heat and a long lost collaboration by two of the greatest as far as chemistry goes ever since they first started working around '98 on Tribe's last album.

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