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Monday, September 30, 2013

PRINCE PO - "HELLO" [Unreleased Final Mix]

I'm a real sucker for alternative mixes, demo versions, and so on, which is really the main reason I choose to call this site The Lost Tapes. While doing research for my article on Prince Po's "The Slickness" and accompanying "The LEX EP" (which I would love if you'd revisit as I've pretty much rewritten most of it), I came across this alternative version of "Hello". Driven by a dissonant violin and a nastily rugged drum-n-bass combo, it was the perfect vehicle for the Prince to reintroduce himself and kick off his debut LP. Anticon producer Jel posted his final, and previously unreleased, version of the song on his Soundcloud a few months back and god damn it if it's not even sicker than the album mix. Real explosive shit!

"This was the first song on Prince Po's Lex Album "The Slickness". Danger Mouse was the main Producer for the album. I finished a more blown out version than what made the album. But for some reason the original demo version I sent was the one they kept for the final release. here is my Final version of "Hello!"" - Jel

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