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Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIAMOND D x BIGREC - "Prelude to DoomsDay"

We've heard whispers about the legendary beat maestro Diamond D hooking up with newcomer, ATL-based emcee BIGREC, to record an entire project. This is surely more than merely rumors or empty talk as the LP, which is titled "DoomsDay", is nearing completion and release. In "Prelude to DoomsDay", posted on REC's official YouTube channel, we get a behind the scenes look of the two hip-hop representatives hard at work in the studio; we get some interview footage of both Diamond and BIGREC speaking on the album, and most importantly we hear no less than three HQ preview snippets of tracks from the LP ("Bullseye", "Abomination", "DoomsDay"). The conclusion? Diamond D is still one of the best producers around and his work here is in the vein of the classic DITC ish, and BIGREC can fucking SPIT!! Please bring on "DoomsDay" ASAP; Instant purchase!

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