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Thursday, September 26, 2013

[EP] 8thW1 w., PVD - "One Two, Two Old"

Back in Spring sometime, DJ K.O. sent me an advance of the latest addition to the EMPB team which was 8thW1 and PVD. 8th is the Jersey based emcee while PBD is the producer and for me it took a few listens before I started to really realize how well-crafted and uplifting the chemistry between this duo not only resulted in impressive jam sessions, but actually made for great records that incorporated many of the best elements of hip-hop and jazz. Lots of live instruments, lengthy instrumental sections, experimental samples and instrumental melodies. Not to mention 8thW1's smooth life lessons who's a great fit over live drums, blowing trumpets, low-key piano and an occurring vibraphone motif ("Too Old").

The four track EP continues in much the same vein as the earlier songs, with much of the same lengthy instrumental part soothing the listener into a dreamlike state that's both meditative and soothing. Check it out for yourself, and if you missed out on the previous full-length click here.

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