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Sunday, September 15, 2013

[Mixtape] KARRIEM RIGGINS - "Music Kaleidoscope"

Producer, DJ, and live drummer Karriem Riggins was a close friend of J Dilla, played extensively with Eric Reed and Oscar Brown, and produces instrumental hip-hop for Stones Throw. Easily one of Detroit's finest modern musician and just as easily someone that more heads should be very aware of. I'm not going to write too much about him right now as I intend to drop a 20+ tracks compilation of his outside production work here on The Lost Tapes already tomorrow. So, see this is a little warm up for you all to get acquainted with the musical wonderchild that is Karriem Riggins...

"Music Kaleidoscope" was a limited promotional CD released in 2009 on an imprint called Jae.B Group. During its 50 minutes run we are acquainted with Riggins the DJ, Riggins the producer, Riggins the drummer and Riggins the jazz lover in a seamless mix. Press play on the Soundcloud player below (thanks to Furious.Styles for the original upload) and enter Karriem's grooving mix of classic jazz, fusion, funk, R&B, and new compositions. A definite sure shot while you're waiting for the "official" compilation to be brought forward tomorrow... Keep that head moving!

01. Soft Machine - "Sly Monkey"
02. Miroslav Vitous - "See You, November"
03. Donald Byrd - "Think Twice"
04. Karriem Riggins & George Duke - "Untitled"
05. Common - "Sex For Suga" [Karriem Riggins Remix]
06. Rhythm Heritage - "Three Days Of The Condor"
07. Karriem Riggins - "Soon"
08. Karriem Riggins - "If This World Were Mine"
09. Dizzy Gillespie - "Matrix"
10. The Moments - "Sho Nuff Boogie"
11. Bobby Timmons - "I Don't Know What Time It Is"
12. Wee Three - "Reflection"
13. Guillermo Klein - "De Sábados Prá Dominguinhos"
14. Karriem Riggins - "Chinese Arithmetic"
15. Karriem Riggins - "12's in 8's"
16. Karriem Riggins - "Pacman @ The Prom"
17. Karriem Riggins - "Trance Delight"
18. Karriem Riggins - "Better Days"
19. Nohelani Cypriano - "Lihue"
20. Johnny Hammond - "Quiet Storm"
21. Robertinho do Recife - "O Elefante"
22. Isaac Hayes - "Title Theme (Tough Guys)"
23. Karriem Riggins - "Harp Me"
24. Mike Oldfield - "Part One (Tubular Bells)"
25. Karriem Riggins - "Outro"

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