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Friday, January 17, 2014

[Album] DAG SAVAGE- "The Warning Tape"

Newly formed Mello Music duo Dag Savage releases their brand new 13 track, full-length, project "The Warning Tape". While Dag is complete news to my ears, at least one name in the group is definitely a well known name for me and the hip-hop community in large - the often very ill producer Exile. Officially labeled as a mixtape though there's nothing but new songs appearing in full length. What's even better is the statement that this should be viewed as a pre-cursor for the real full-length from the duo that drops on February 4 via MMG - "E&J". Listened to a few tracks and it definitely sounds ill so far, lots of rougher sounding Exile beats which  in my persojnal opnion undoubtedly is the category where he works best.

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