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Friday, January 31, 2014


For almost a year Willie The Kid and producer Bronze Nazareth has worked heavily on getting an album together. There's been a few singles here and there, always hot, but now the album is finished and has given the title "The Living Daylights" - to be released on February 11. Check the tracklist for the album below and peep the latest single/video, the relaxing yet strong "The Guilt".

1.) “Overture”
2.) “Avalon” f/ Roc Marciano
3.) “The Blitz” f/ S-Class Sonny
4.) “Breakfast In France 

5.) “Sweet Sorrow” 
6.) “The Guilt”
7.) “Fucking Blades” f/ L.A.D
8.) “Wu Babies” f/ Young Dirty Bastard and Sun God 
9.) “Ain't Nothing” f/ Boldy James
10.) “Coming From” f/ Bronze Nazareth
11.) “Delirium” f/ Sha Stimuli and Sean Price
12.) “Ice Cold Guinness” f/ L.A.D
13.) “Bless My Food” f/ Tekh Togo

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