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Monday, January 20, 2014

MARCO POLO Ft. Masta Ace & Wordsworth - "I Refuse"

I included Marco Polo's excellent double feature release of 2013 in my best of the year countdown, making a case for how fantastic both "Newport Authority 2" / "PA2: Director's Cut" really are. In fact, on many days I feel that "Newport Authority 2" is most focused and best between the two, by a small margin. So of course any material that didn't make the album is something I really want to hear, so it came as a pleasant, although for me late discovery, that he together with Fat Beats and Soulspazm Records released a 12" single featuring the Artifacts' banger "Back to Work" from "Newport #2.", but what's really interesting is the flip side which is song created for the album(s) but ultimately didn't make the cut; which is unfortunate considering how absolutely dope it is. 

The track called "I Refuse" sees Ace and Wordsworth (eMC in the house) going in HARD over an equally raw Polo boom banger. The vinyl side features the dirty main version, the accapella and the instrumental version. Although it was released last month, it totally went over my head and I just listened to it only a week ago, but considering that Ace is one of my top 10 emcees out there any audio of this is very welcome since I don't have any cash to buy the 12" at the moment (I just ordered and received "New Port Authority" on 2xLP and pre-ordered the 3xLP set of "PA2" along with some other records). Being that Marco is also an excellent DJ (whcih he certainly proved when I saw him as eMC's back up tour DJ a year or two ago in Copenhagen), the way he includes the first verse and two hooks from the dirty main version, this is followed by the second part sees him making a smooth transition to the accapella  with the acapella for a verse which works real well. Then you get the beat back and the last hook before the track fades out for the last minute with the beat riding out (the instrumental).All in all sounds fantastic, and is strongly recommended if you haven't it heard yet. You can buy it together with a "PA2" bundle for $69.00 including the 12", the 3xLP set, and a nice poster. All high quality stuff - but hurry up because there's only a few left (order @ Slice-of-Spice).

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