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Friday, January 3, 2014

[Video] MONEY BO$$ INC. - "Blam Blam"

In 2006 UK production duo The P Brothers, who even as outsiders create a more New York-esque hardcore type of hip-hop than the majority of their American counterparts,, released their true debut album (following several EP:s called "The Bronx Experience" vol 1-5) and producing several tracks for Sadat X. While workng with X they also came in contact with long time associates of his, Bo$$ Money, p.k.a. Money Boss Players. I absolutely love rough street hop and few producers make that sound come alive better than The P Brothers, and few groups make it more uncompromising and raw than Eddie Cheeba, Tray Bag, and occassional member Minnesota, whether they called Bo$$ Money, Money Bo$$ Inc., Money Boss Players, or Hy Tymes. Back in the '90s when they released their "lost" classic LP "Ghetto Chronicle Daily" (along with several sought-after 12":s) the group also included Lord Tariq and Minnesota as full time members but more recently, and with the name change to Bo$$ Money, the crew have been slimmed down to a duo. This haven't hurt their music at all however, as they released 2006:s "Consignment" which featured several neckbreakers, along with apperances on several tracks with Sadat X, Junior MAFIA, and Show/DITC ("The Movement"). I've been meaning to do a compilation on these guys for so long its ridicilous, unfortunately I lost my entire harddrive when I switched computers but I'll try to get there.

The P Brothers album containted no less than four tracks exclusively featuring Bo$$ Money, all of them being masterpieces. And though it's perhaps a little late in the game, Cheeba and Tray have recorded and released a music video for the violent roughness that is "Blam Blam (For Nottingham)". The reason it is being released now is because MB is returing as a unit for another project. The accompanying YouTube comments read "The Bronx Boys are back! New mixtape and album coming soon" which is of course great news. I can't wait to ceck this out. Anyway, check out the long-awaited video to Bo$$ Money's "Blam Blam" wth The P Brothers up top and stay tuned for more info!

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