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Monday, January 20, 2014

KILLER MIKE / EL-P - "36" Chain" [Blue Sky Black Death Mix]

Big Dada Records is releasing the official European only limited edition of Run The Jewel's (El-Producto and KM's recently formed group) self-titled 2013 album which is available now. Besides the impeccable non-album track "Pew Pew Pew" (ft. DJ Q-Bert) and Dave Sitek's remix of "Sea Legs", this special edition also includes the strong, but stripped down Blue Sky Black Death version of "36" Chain". Given that the original version clocked in at just over three minutes, these three bonus tracks really add a lot to the project, considering how dope they all are and add some new flavor to the project while still keeping the original vision 100% intact. You can order this version now @ Big Dada's Official Site in your format of choice, a long with other cool stuffs including T-shirts, various packages and whatnot so what you're waiting for? This is the ultimate version of the LP, no doubt and if you haven't picked up this powerhouse release yet, I strongly recommend that this edition is the one to with while it's still around.

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