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Sunday, January 5, 2014

[EP] LUX DE VILLE - "Live @ The Loft EP"

Elementality comes through with another high quality release, seemingly out of nowhere, as they pack one of the most interesting underground rosters of any label at the moment. If you follow The Lost Tapes you can't have missed out that the duo (then known as 8thW1 & PVD) released the "Lux De Ville" LP, and more recently producer/instrumentalists PVD released his own solo album "Technicolor in Hi-Fi". Shortly after the release of their collaborative LP they rocked a few shows, including a set at the intimate club The LOFT in New Jersey and the recording of that night presented here is very reminiscent of many classic jazz live albums which fit right with their jazz-infused style. Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy this 7 track live EP of Elementality's most laid back act.

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