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Friday, January 17, 2014

[Tracklist/Artwork] BIGREC x DIAMOND D - "DoomsDay"

The official artwork cover and tracklist for BIGREC's Diamond D upcoming collaboration "Doomsday" was originally posted yesterday when I put up the brilliant first single "Bullseye". I realized this information deserves it's own post, simply for making it easier for peeps using search engines when looking for this or similiar info. Counting the snippets and the new single, I think I've heard parts of at least four tracks from the project ("Be Strong", "Abomination", "Bullseye" & "DoomsDay" - check out this prelude/trailer if you haven't already) and I have high hopes of this turning out of being one of 2014's finest albums. 'REC got that real hardcore hip-hop sound with a ruff powerful voice - if you're into real rugged stuff like M.O.P., Bumpy Knuckles and Bo$$ Money Gangstas this should be right up your alley. Also Diamond D is known for creating incredible tracks when working with these type of hardcore spitters ("Bumpy Bring it Home"; "What The Fuck You Want"; "Soul On Ice Remix"; etc.), so it's hard to imagine this album faiing. I'll definitely purchase and listen though. The album is relatively light on guest features, but several Diamond D associates shows up here again - soul singer Blake Moss, emcee Jawz Of Life as well as DJ G Supreme who tears it up on "Bullseye". No release date have been confirmed yet but since everything about it seems ready to go it definitely looks like we will have it relatively soon.

01. "The Dawning"
02. "Bullseye" (Ft. DJ G Supreme)
03. "If You Believe" (Ft. Blake Moss)
04. "Unstoppable"
05. "NO2NC"
06. "Abomination"
07. "Chalisthenics"
08. "DoomsDay"
09. "I Cried" (Ft. Jawz Of Lfie)
10. "New Order" (Ft. TH5PENTAGON)
11. "Be Strong"
12. "Thank U"

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