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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

12" Throwback: SUPERNATURAL - "Buddah Blessed It"

MC Supernatural is obviously best known as one of the most mindblowing and natural freestyle artists ever heard, though his ventures to recording studios has resulted in some very impressive material as well. In the mid-'90s, he was signed to the Elektra Records subdivision EastWest, for whom he by 1995 had recorded his debut album - "Natural Disasters" (a.k.a. "Supernatural - The Album"). In promotion of the LP, EastWest released the single "Buddah Blessed It"; a dark, thumping joint aimed at the ganja heads. The gripping production work came from Djinji Brown, with the B-side "Mind Tricks" concoted by KRS-One. 

All three songs featured on this 12" single were lifted from the forthcoming album, but once Sylvia Rhone took over as CEO and president of the label, the album was shelved and Supernatural found himself with no major label back-up. The whole Elektra thing around '96 is pretty much a tragedy, as EastWest had one of the most interesting label rosters around at the time. Besides Supernatural, projects by Juggaknots, InI, Deda, Agallah, Lin Que, Omniscience and many more left a premature grave. Luckily many of those have later been recovered in one form or other, and I will post "Natural Disasters" in a near future for those of y'all who haven't had the chance to hear it. Until then, light one up and check out Supernatural's one and only official '90s release - "Buddah Blessed It".
A1. "Buddah Blessed It"
A2. "Buddah Blessed It" (Instrumental)
B1. "Mind Tricks"
B2. "Flashbacks"

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