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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nas - "Accidental Murders" [No I.D.]

Nas' 11th album has been shaping up lovely to the promotion and three singles that has been released so far, all of them has been in constant rotation and proves Nasir is back on his A+ game; mixing politics, battle rhymes and family, especially regarding his, now, 17 year old daughter. So far, Nas has really made an impression, and the beatmakers backing him up on the three songs released so far have all bbeen pretty damn interesting to say, from both a lyrical and production standpoint. Nas verses are fire, No I.D. on the beat really came through, so it's all good. Or?

Fans and emcees weew hopng for some original QB veterans, being that this is said to be somewhat of a "taking it back to Queens" album. But I can't really get over the Rick Ross cameo here; to me he's the worst kind of rappe out there right now; possibly since Vanilly Ice in my own personal opinion. Selling a bullshit image with no basis in reality, is what's in now, sadly. Anything to keep people fram waking up to what's really going on. I give him two more years tops om the hip-hop scene; do you think this is a valid point or do you actually like Rick Ross and his dark, fake ass "club" musik?

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