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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alchemist / Danny Brown / Schoolboy Q - "Flight Confirmation"

Alchemist's been real heavy on the psychadelic mind-fuck music since the formation of Gangrene. Right now, the producer slash rapper is preparing his next solo album, "Russian Roulette". For the first single, he grabs Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q, who turns this monster of a beat into a winner. Who do you think will have the better album out this year between ALC and Oh No?


  1. Generally, 2012 is a very creative year.. and it's difficult to choose between 2 albums.. haha

  2. gotta agree with that, 2012 looks like it might go down as a monumental year as far as record releases goes. i'm sure both Alc and OhNo will impress though, but being that we've mostly heard them together as Gangrene the last couple of years, it's an interesting comparision imo.

  3. Good question... Still the Ohnomite joint has to grow on me, some of the beats are still too bizarre to my ears. The gangrene series I'm absolutely digging, I love the druggy, retro 70s-modern boom bap sound.. I just listened to the four songs from their last free EP again, this is pure fire, excellent for a drunken summer BBQ! The Russian Roullette by ALC could become my favourite album of 2012, can't wait for the drop!