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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kurious / AG - "Magic" [prod. DIAMOND D]

Jorge Alvarez, better known as Kurious Jorge, took the world by storm with his 100% hip-hop, yet weird ass, banging '94 debut "A Constipated Monkey". The East Coast emcee had an unforgettable deliver, filled with humor, lyrics that many didn't even want to touch and slaming beats by The Betnuts family and the SD50's. The album is still remembered today as one of the standouts of the mid.'90s, and the pressure for a sophomore LP was skyhigh. 

However, that second effort didn't land in stores until about 15 years later, simply called "II". The LP felt quite outdated in most aspects and despite a few beats by the likes of Hi-Tek, The Mighty V.I.C., 88-Keys and Domingo, the project was a far cry from Kurious debut. Now, the South American rooted emcee has returned again with a new single, enlisting two D.I.T.C. legends in the form of rapper AG an producer Diamond D. Maybe there's still hope for the guy who absolutely molested "?" alongside DOOM on "Operation Doomsday". Check it out for yourself!



  1. Check his joint album Bamboo Bros, Claaa. On my taste this album 5x better than "II". Name of the album is "American Jibaro".

  2. Kurious is not South American rooted - he's from NYC. Originally, the Upper West Side / Uptown to be exact. Plus the song is called "Competition Disappear (Tribute to Mr. Magic & Roc Raida)", not "Magic". The official art work can be seen here ...

  3. anonymous #1: i need to check that album out ASAP, never heard it but i remember the joint with Pete Rock on there that was real dope.

    anonymous #2: thanks for the info about the song title, when i found it it was listed as "Magic", but it was prolly a mix up because it being a Mr. Magic tribute. song is crazy though, and props for the official artwork my man!

    i'm well aware that Kurious is a NY artist, what i meant was that he's a latin-american rapper like for example Beatnuts, etc. maybe it was a bit messy the way i wrote that haha.

  4. anonymous #1 is me: andrewfrumrusha
    and i i affirm that album is good. At least it sounds cohesive, unlike "II".