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Monday, June 11, 2012

MC Eiht's "Which Way iz West" update

As I'm sure you all know by now, Compton legend MC Eiht signed with DJ Premier and Year Round Records around 2008. The plan was to give Eiht a home for his next album, "Which Way Iz West", while also getting the chance to have it overseen by one of the greatest minds in the music business. The original release date was sometime in 2010, and we are now in 2012, and still no word on a date which is really getting on one's nerves, considering this is one of my most anicipated releases of the year. The same goes for NYG'z, another YRR signee who's been caught in label limbo on YRR for several years; come to think about it, since its start ten years ago, YRR has only released TWO official albums and I bet a lot of great music and talent has been wasted that way. But it it is what it is...

Now to the good news; in an interview with Swedish hip-hop mag KingSize, MC Eiht revealed that they now have 16 songs that's all ready and done; real quality stuff, that will make the LP that is. Now before the LP is complete, he only needs two additional songs of the same quality. DJ Premier is still the executive producer, providing beats on a few songs as well as mixing and overseeing the entire project and its direction. According to Eiht, Preem has been very impressed by the vast majority of the artist's initial work for the LP. However, "Which Way Iz West" is no longer scheduled to drop on Year Round (which is great news to me), instead it will be released a joint venture between Preem's original label Works Of Mart, and Eiht's Blue Stamp Music imprint (kinda similiar to how "The KoleXXXion" was released via Gracie/Works Of Mart, and that worked out perfectly). As far as producers and guest features go, the one time Menace II Society actor says there's verses from Xzibit, NYG'z and Bumpy Knuckles in the can; from what I gather it looks like the only  beatmakers to be featured on the project is Austria's superb Brenk Sinatra, and, of course, Preemo. Sounds very good to me! GEAH!!

Last week, I uploaded a Lost Tapes EP sampler of all singles released from the album, but I totally forgot the very first one - "So Well", also produced by Brenk. Therefore, you can watch the original music video up top, and in case you missed it before, here's the "Which Way Iz West" EP.

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