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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

evitaN- "Four Track Sampler EP"

Native Tounges has officially beem reinstated, with Dres of Black Sheep and Jarobi of Tribe carrying the torch that was first first sparked by people like by Pos and Q-Tip. The Sheep's 1991 debut album, "A Wolf in Sheep's Clohing", is a pretty damn superb masterpiece, with amazing tracks such as "The Choice is Yours", "Similak Child", "La Menage", "For Doz that Slept", "Flavor of the Month", and many more. Mista Lawnge's production work on that album, combined with Dres's smooth voice, clever punchlines and well thought out concepts, made it to one of those true overlooked gems.
Then we get Jarobi, the mysterious fourth member of A Tribe Called Quest, who more or less left the group around the recording of the classic "Low End Theory", and since then things have been rather quiet from him, save for the occassional live show. Until recently that is...

It all started when Dres contacted Jaoribi to record an EP for his own Bum Rush imprint; with one track featuring the Black Sheep emcee. They both agreed that the resulting track was quite fantastic, and plans to make it into a full-length album quickly became what they wanted to do. Back in February, they premiered the terrific Occupy Wall Street anthem, "P.T.I.". This was soon followed by three equally dope cuts, which according to the duo is more of street singles than actual singles from the forthcoming album, which is to be titled "Speed Of Life". But all four tracks sounds very GOOD, and has me anticipating the album for sure. Check out recent HipHopDX interview and wach out for "Speed Of Life" on June 26.

01. "P.T.A. (Occupy Wall Street")
02."Who is This (A More Reflectve Cat)
03. "Give´it to Me"
04. "The 3 Kings" (Ft. Sadat X)


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