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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[ALBUM] Mattic - "The Abstract Convention"

Emcee Mattic brings some real fresh and original hip-hop to the table, with his full-length "The Abstract Convention". Producer's The Dirty Art Club provides eclectic, abstract soundscapes through the use of samplers and live instrumentation. Influences from vintage true school rap, jazz, funk, psychedelic rock and even classical compositions stand out without coming off as messy. However, you're gonna need a skilled rapper who's able to captivate the general hip-hop head, using such lush musical settings; Luckily Mattic's effortlessly flows his way through the entire set. If you got an open mind when it comes to your musical preferences, this is strongly recommended. Released via Phonosaurus Records, the project is available on wax, CD and in digital format (purchase for download / stream for free).


  1. Replies
    1. yeah i agree, i never heard of Mattic and producers Dirty Art Club, but this is simply an amazing album. i bet alot of Lost Tapes readers might think is too out there, but for me who loves jazz, blues, psychadelic rock, and even some classical (espcially Chopin and them). Dirty Art Club who produced the record, is releasing another EP on July 3rd, and i got a sneak peak of it and it's another winner.. stay tuned for July 3rd when it will be posted on The Lost Tapes.