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Thursday, June 21, 2012

OL' DIRTY BASTARD - "O.D.B.E.P." [1996]

There's no debate that Russel Jones was in many ways the heart and soul of Wu-Tang, and in hip-hop in genreal; he always spoke his mind, his ryming style was unorthdox and original to say the least, and he had a great ear for beats. On top of that, he was totally unique both as an artist and as a person, He truly was a free spirit, who finally found his sanctuary in the afterlife in November 2004. He never cared the least what people thought about his wild antics and there's so many amazing stories about this man which makes it clear that his legacy will live on forever, both through his music and his personality. After the critically acclaimedd debut album from Jones, it would take four years before his sophomore (and highly overlooked) "Nigga Please" made it to the stores, but already in 1996 he released a rare, and very ill EP/mini album called "The O.D.B. EP"; originally a Japanese only release which collected the majority of 12" singles, remixes and a few RZA produced cuts that didn't make the final cut of Dirty's debut album. For fans of the Wu, there's definitely a lot to love aobut this EP, as it's great to hear alternative takes on such classics as "Brooklyn Zoo" and "Shimmy Shimmy Ya". Remix credits include Dante Ross' SD50's, Lord Digga, Studio Ton and even an unexpected cameo from West Coast legends MC Eiht and E-40, and a few unfuckwithable previously unreleased RZA productions reminiscent of his work on "Return to 36 Chambers". 

"The O.D.B. EP" is a full-bown extended play, featuring not only the eight original songs/you'll find below, but also instrumentals and accapellas.,I decided not to include those to make it a better play-through, but if you're interested in those aforementioned versions, let me know and I'll upload the entre thing ASAP. Enjoy this rare collection of classic Ol' Dirty Bastard 12" singles, B-sides and exclusives, originally released in 1996. The spirit of Russel Jones lives on, we love and miss you brother!

01. "Brooklyn Zoo" [Lord Digga Remix - Clean]
02. "Give It To Ya Raw" [LP Version]
03. "Give It To Ya Raw" [SD50 Remix]
04. "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" [Extended Version]
05. "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" [Studio Ton Remix] (Ft. MC Eiht & E-40)
06. "Don't U Know Part 2" [Clean]
07. "Ol' Dirty's Back" [LP Version]

OL' DIRTY BASTARD - "O.D.B.E.P." [Modified]