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Thursday, June 21, 2012


In the mid-to late '90s, the Busta Rhymes led Flipmode Squad was one of the most interesting and original crews on the hip-hop map. During that time, they didn't give too much of a fuck about appealing to the commercial radio, although certain members 'managed to sell a lot of records on their own merits. Unfortunately, by the end of 2000-'01, I believe they started to go more and more of the commercial route, whch is a real shame since they already had their own little niché while also selling records on their own terms. Some of the best releases eventually got shelved completedly, and it seems Busta was pretty much more interested only to get his own records out there, while much of his crew was left "in the cold"; somrething that has become clear with interviews with the other members of the group. Today the original Flipmode Squad members has pursued other interests, and long-time members Lord Have Mercy and Roc Marciano, who you might remember for several dope Flipmode Squad collaborations, posse cut and a few rare slamming solo joints. Lord even fully recorded a solo debut album in the mid '90s - "Tha Ungodly Hour".

The LP/sampler I'm presenting y'all with below has still never leaked anywhere in its full version; despite being completed and ready for release. However, I got seven bangers in good quality that definitely will have you happy if you never heard this before. No matter what, this is definitely one that awards repeatedout spins. Elektra Records has made such bad decisions from time to time, and the recording of this album remained shelved besies the dope music that eventually leaked. I'm sure y'all gonna love this one. Lord Hace Mercy also appeared on several dope cuts on Flipmode's group album - "The Imperial", Lord also released two singles on Elektra before "Tha Ungodly Hour" was shelved - "Wicked Ways" and "Say What Say What".

Both aforementioned singles are included on this sampler, as well as "Venegance", "Paint Ya Face", "These Men Don't Cry" and "Ride Away". The classic joint, "Home Sweet Home", produced by Nottz and featuring M.O.P., was originally meant for this LP, but when it got shelved it instead ended up on M.O.P.'s masterpiece "Warriorz" in 2000..Bottomline, it's a real shame "Tha Ungodly Hour" never got a proper release while Busta released album after album, and even Rampage and Rah Digga got to drop solo albums.,At least, with half the songs we are able to hear here, proves us that this album had fantastic potential. Check it out and enjoy it for yourself, I doubt you will be dissapointed.
01 "Venegance"
02. "Wicked Ways"
03. "Paint Ya Face"
04. "Ride Away"
05. "These Men Don't Cry"
06. "Home Sweet Home" (Ft. M.O.P.)
07. "Say What You Say"


  1. Hey man, great post! It really bugs me the fact that everything was ready for the release of Ungodly Hour, there were posters everywhere, they even had the photo shoot for the album's little booklet, it's crazy... But yo, do you know the original tracklist for that album?

  2. Do you, by any chance, have this album in 320 or FLAC?

  3. I work with Lord have, and just to clear a few things up...
    Thee ungodly hour was never 100% finished. Several tracks were not finished entirely and other samples were not cleared. He wanted to release it after leaving flipmode and starting his own label "sword and shield records" but the license rights from electra were too expensive.

    1. Man, that's terribly sad. Thanks for this info!

  4. Word good to hear that from an insider...Busta did Spliff like that but never did no Promo for Spliff that i could remember

  5. Lord have mercy is so dope really ahead of his time his lyrics on rampage flip mode is the squad rap his shit was so fresh love the flip mode thems my niggas for real but lord have mercy is so sick with his flow it un comparable