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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wordsworth - "The Photo Album" [Sampler]

Not too long ago, me and my man Rob catched a pretty amazing EMC show (minus Punchline), and a lot of new music was debuted from both Masta Ace's upcoming "Son Of Yvonne" and Wordsworth's "The Photo Album". The latter drops in only two days now, and from the live premieres and four singles, I'm counting on this to be a real interesting and well executed follow up to Words' 2004 solo debut LP, "Mirror Music". The features on the album looks promising, but there's no doubt in my mind that Wordsworth could be able to hold down the entire project by himself if he wanted to; a smooth flow, clever lyrics, a sharp delivery and a voice that easily catches your ears, all set over beats from peeps like Apollo Brown, Belief, The Are, Ill Poetic and more. Why not pre-order "The Photo Album" @ UGHH, while you grab the three previous singles below and check out the brand new video "Coloring Book" at the top of the page.

01. "Joy & Pain"
02. "Knock On My Door"
03. "Betrayed" (Ft. Skeematic)


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